Divorce/family lawyer really saved my sibling

My sibling had dated his husband, Jim for 5years and finally they got married.

  • He was against marriage from the start although Jim pushed him into it.

It seemed immediately after getting married, he changed as a person! Jim stopped working, spent all his money and never spent any time with their kids. Finally my sibling had enough and filed for divorce. Finding the right divorce lawyer was no simple task. Divorce/family law is a tricky thing too. Basically it is known that judges favor the mother and leaving the youngsters with her. In this case, my sibling’s husband was a horrible mother and did not deserve the children. He also wanted a bunch of money to support himself and claimed it as child support. However, the lawyer that my sibling picked up was a lifesaver. The guy totally got the situation and did great work at helping him out. First they won the custody case. His ex-husband only gets the youngsters every other weekend and gets hardly anything in child support. He is the main parent and doesn’t have to supply him with much. The only thing he is stuck right now doing is paying his rent and small amounts each month for food, which is more than he deserves. That the lawyer got my sibling the majority of custody without breaking his bank account so I am impressed. The divorce costs and lawyer costs were quite large. But it could have been way worse of a situation for him.




Cryo toning facial for acne

I have battled with serious acne for most of my life.

  • Itried doing proactive things like, washing.

I kept my face clean, changed my pillow cases plus I avoided greasy foods. It did not matter. I would regularly have a bunch of inflamed bumps covering my face. I have a job in a professional setting. I hate going into the office looking like I was going through puberty. I finally decided enough was enough and I was willing to do anything to take care of this. I found that a lot of people do cryo toning facial treatments. Most of the patients are older ladies that want to tighten up their skin. They said that the cryo treatment reverses aging. I did not like wrinkles or looking older, but what I found most exciting is that cryotherapy was said to also reduce inflammation in the body. I thought that at least the redness of my skin might go down. Doing cryotherapy was not excruciating at all. The cost was under 100 dollars for one session that was under 9 minutes. That seems high-priced, however it was totally worth it. I sat in what looked like a sizzling tub, only it was just chilly air blown at me. The time went by abruptly plus I immediately observed the difference in my skin. I looked way less red plus the acne was not as noticeable. After a few afternoons passed, I observed that my acne was drying out plus not as ugly looking. After that I have done cryotherapy once a week to take care of my skin. The blemishes are not totally gone, but you can hardly notice.



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Trying to market our business

My family plus I live right in the center of the city.

  • There are lots of people in the area, plus there are about tons of different types of businesses.

I own a microbrewery, 10 different coffee shops, a dozen different types of pizzerias, plus a few certified Heating and Air Conditioning dealerships. Some of those Heating and Air Conditioning dealerships are small businesses, plus some of them are part of nationally-known chains. When my family and I started our Heating and Air Conditioning dealer, we knew ads were going to be a hard area of the business. The two of us did not have that kind of money to spend on TV or beatbox advertisements. Back then, the internet was still a right thing. Happily, my sibling was 1 of the first people to get info about SEO plus internet SEO. It actually helped our Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. We went from a small place with no name, to 1 of the best providers in the area. My brother purchased a web name that was exactly the same as our Heating and Air Conditioning dealership. He created a brand that featured our dealer mascot. He optimized all of the web pages so that the people I was with and I could be located through online searches. Instead of trying to be the number 1 result for Heating and Air Conditioning dealerships, my sibling thought about some of the more obscure words. For instance, 85 people a day were searching for air cleaners in our city. Another 75 people were looking for heated flooring help.


Web design

The keywords in SEO

My brother Donald went to school.

I decided to go into the Heating and Air Conditioning field.

I knew that college wasn’t the answer for me, because I worked to get C’s in high college. I was ready to begin a job after graduation. I found a job working at a small condo community. I was there for a year, when they have to pay to become Heating and Air Conditioning certified. I had to take some courses plus a test, but the condo community paid for everything. I spent a few more years working at the condo community after I became licensed. After that, I decided to go work for a Heating and Air Conditioning repair business. I was with the dealer for 5 years plus that is how I met my business partner. Donald plus I were working at the Heating and Air Conditioning repair corporation as a team, we thought about opening our own business, but neither 1 of us had the cash. It took a few years to save enough money to get started, but Donald plus I have had our own Heating and Air Conditioning repair business for the past multiple months. My brother actually helped us get started, because he helped us with all of the internet SEO. Donald did not even charge myself and others to help with the SEO plus keyword locationment. My brother spent time on our website while I was in the weekends, plus he made sure that everything was ideal; Our website is optimized so Donald and I found abruptly if someone is searching for Heating and Air Conditioning repair services in our area.


Designing our logo

My papa started the 1st heating dealer in our town.

My papa was working in the plumbing business for 30 years, plus he needed to find something to do when his company closed.

My father did not want to retire at an older age, plus he only knew 1 thing. My papa started the heating supplier with just his dad’s toolset. My papa went all over neighborhood with just that tool set. My dad had a set of seasoned tools that he used to repair gas furnaces, boilers, plus stoves. My dad joined the family corporation when he was a young man. Shortly after, papa and dad started working on heating device plus air conditioners, however when I was seasoned enough to labor in the shop, I started learning about HVAC repair too. A few years back, I took over as the supervisor of the shop. Sales were steadily decreasing over the past years plus my dad plus my papa thought we needed a change. They gave myself and others total control to make any alterations. The first thing I did was hire plus online SEO supplier to help us with our internet needs. The two of us did not even have a website at this point, but the online SEO supplier helped us fix up the situation. They redesigned our dealer logo plus created a website that featured all of our top services and skills. There was even a location on the website to print out some coupons for the deals.


Link building

Catching a baby coyote on my video camera

Video surveillance cameras can be used for a number of reasons.

When anyone thinks about video surveillance equipment, they picture of private investigator or a cop with a giant mustache.

Some people picture the CIA or the FBI. A lot of law enforcement places use video surveillance component to catch predators, thieves, and crime. My best friend and I use our video surveillance component to watch the trees behind our home. We have over ten video cameras strategically situated on the property. We’re not worried about theft, we just like to see everything. Every one of us live in the mountains, and there is a whole lot of wildlife in the area. My friend and I have seen videos of coyotes, deer, turtles, and a variety of small creatures. My friend and I have 22 acres of property, and both of us can see almost every square inch with our video surveillance equipment. A few weeks back, both of us spotted a baby coyote. Our video surveillance component picks up sound and movement, which activates the recording. The coyote was walking around and directly across from the video camera. Every one of us caught a spectacular view of the baby animal, and both of us uploaded the video to our website. It’s already has over a thousand views, and a lot of people are surprised to see this particular animal in the area. I’m hoping to catch a mama coyote on camera next. I know there must be a mama to the baby.


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Monitoring a facility from far away.

Did you know that many businesses control their spaces remotely and rarely even have to go into the building.

Paying a monitoring company to ensure that everything is working properly can save a significant amount of money when it comes to the bottom line.

You may have a water treatment plant that is located across town and you don’t want to keep an employee there to check on things. You can have the station completely automated and it will even call a technician if there is a problem. Of course much of this depends upon the power being on so in the event of a major power outage or inclement weather you may have to resort to the old practice of driving out to check on it. Installing automated technology requires careful attention to detail. People who design these systems need to know what your needs are now and in the near future in order to put in the right equipment and safeguards to make sure that you are happy with the new system. Trained electronics technicians, engineers, and even designers specialize in these types of systems and can show you all the advantages of having this type of equipment installed. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that your business or equipment is running smoothly even when you are not there to watch it? Even you home can be controlled by simple automation. Your thermostat and security system are examples of this as well. These systems monitor the air quality and temperature in your home as well as let you know if there is an intruder. When you think about it, automation is a big part of everyone’s lives.

control systems integration

Downsizing due to technology

Over the course of the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of changes at the company where I work.

One of the most significant is the amount of employees that we have to staff our facilities.

The business is growing and you would think that this would mean more jobs but that is not the case. For instance, we no longer employed the same amount of building maintenance Personnel because many of the things they were responsible for our now controlled by programmable systems. We no longer have a person who is in charge of unlocking the building, turning on the lights, and even adjusting the HVAC system so that the building is at the ideal temperature when the employees arrive. All of these things are controlled by a completely automated system that has been programmed to schedule all of those things to happen. As far as accessibility to the building we have all been issued swipe cards to gain access When we arrive at work. If a visitor were to come to the building they simply need to press the button and it signals the Secretary of stairs to open the building if they are scheduled to have a meeting there. The HVAC system is programmed to adjust the temperature, either up or down, to the desired setting about an hour before people arrived and then adjusted back when people have left the building. All of this technology allows for fewer employees and this saves the company money on salaries. The downside of all of the automation is the fact that fewer people have good paying jobs to be able to support their families but in the end the company needs to make money. I just hope that my job isn’t replaced by an automated system one day.

air handling unit controls

Careful what you wish for

On 1 of my several travels, I had the pick to stay in a corporate suite.

I was in a high class hotel in the city I was now working for at the time.

They put me up in this four-star hotel plus I was staying in a corporate suite. I was holding several meetings that month plus both of us were having them from my suite. I had enough room for twenty people to kneel plus be comfortable. I had full-repair accommodations plus all I had to do was make an iphone call. I would have enough mixers plus alcohol for a celebration of twenty. There would be bottles of champagne plus I could order an array of appetizers or a full supper celebration for twenty. I enjoyed the private area of the corporate suite. Aside from the numerous bathrooms in the main area, I also had a full living suite with numerous study rooms plus each had its own bathroom. I had never been in a corporate suite before plus I was pleasantly surprised at the accommodations. It was funny though, because after most people left, I felt like I was ambling around in an unquestionably lonely apartment. I had all of the amenities I could have wanted, however I was still alone. I consistently wished that I could find a location that had full-repair accommodations however it has taken away my need to have any human contact other than that of my staff plus those that I see through work. Maybe it is like the old saying: ‘Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.’.

furnished short term rentals

I needed space for my catering.

I was looking for a place from where I could do my catering.

I wanted someplace where I could live comfortably and still have room to move.

I had been hearing a lot about artisan lofts and I had been seen many advertisements for artisan lofts for rent. The rental fee was really cheap and that was all I could afford, was cheap. When I went to look at the artisan loft, it was marvelous. They told me I could do what I needed to make the living space best for my craft. I had to show them pictures of the confections I created. I made small pastries that looked like anything people wanted. I was an artist when it came to petite pastries. I bought an industrial oven and they even allowed me to put in a large refrigerator and freezer. Many of the people who also had an artisan loft rental, came down to take pictures of my pastries. The one photographer had the photograph blown up and he offered me a copy for my wall. He said it was going to be a part of his photography exhibit and if it sold for big bucks, he would give me a huge commission. I love living in my artisan loft. I can work and live here. I am so glad I was able to find the ad for an artisan loft for rent. The tall ceilings and the open floor plan of the artisan loft, make it the perfect place to be. The other artists in the building, make it a fun place to live and we all understand each other’s quirks.



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