The rain brings in cold air from the arctic

A large cold front just blew into town and we are suffering through some extremely frigid temperatures.

It’s only a few degrees above freezing, and the rain is very cold and chilly.

The temperatures have steadily been dropping over the last few weeks, but the rain has really changed the atmosphere. It looks dreadful and miserable outdoors. All the trees are starting to shed their leaves, and the animals are starting to gather supplies for the cold months of winter. The humidity outdoors makes the cold air even more frigid. When I walk outside, I can feel the cold air right inside of my bones. Even bundling up in a jacket, sweatpants, boots, and gloves is no match for the insanely cold temperatures. As the cold air masses come down from the Arctic Circle, the winter weather starts to set in. My wife and I are prepared this year. We purchased a brand new oil furnace in the beginning of August. We were going to wait another year to buy the new oil furnace, but the heating company had a fall sale. My wife and I picked up a nice oil furnace at cost. The installation fees were quite high, but I didn’t mind paying a few dollars for the excellent service. It took half a day for the company to complete the installation process, but they didn’t forget a single step. In a few short weeks, the temperature will rapidly drop and change from cold to downright freezing. With the new oil furnace in our home, neither one of us are dreading the arrival of snow, ice, and sleet.


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New HVAC contractor sees our vision

Several years ago, my family and I decided to build a house of Our Own. We thought about the house for years and years before we purchased the land and started the construction process. One thing that we absolutely wanted was a Zone controlled HVAC unit. Since the house was going to be nearly 2,500 sq ft, my wife and I thought we would do well with and HVAC plan setup in separate zones. We discussed the HVAC plan with our building contractor during the first parts of the building stage. We agreed on the price and all of the components. Construction was supposed to begin a few weeks after the final revisions were made to our contract. Unfortunately, the contractor assigned to work on our job was sent to Jail the night before the project began. I didn’t know why the HVAC contractor didn’t show up on time until later during the afternoon. I called the general contractor and told him about the problem. He gave me the bad news and told me that I would need to select a different contractor to complete the work. Luckily, the general contractor had a few names ready. The new HVAC contractor saw our vision much more clearly than the old one. I thought we would be in trouble when the contractor was thrown in jail, but we ended up with a knowledgeable person that shared our attention to detail. When the house was finally completed, we had three separate zones in our home. All of the upstairs bedrooms are on one HVAC Zone, and all of the rooms downstairs are on a separate thermostat. We also have a third separate thermostat in the garage. The zone HVAC unit was a fantastic addition to our dream home.

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Husband has to pay energy bill if he wants to touch HVAC

We have a eco-friendly heating and cooling program set on the smart thermostat for energy efficiency, so every time he engages the air conditioning unit or furnace outside of the defined settings he’s costing us money

There are times in life when it’s not worth fighting over things anymore. At some point, you have to choose your battles and decide what is worth the extra stress of additional conflict. For me, I have a pretty low threshold for bullshit. If you’re going to continually fight me on something, I’m going to walk away and let you make your own bed. This generally works out okay for me, especially when it comes to my husband. He is quite predictable and easy to negotiate with when I lay down The rules. Recently, one of the rules that I put in place was regarding our Energy bill. I told him he would be responsible for paying the electric bill for the foreseeable future. Now, I told him this for a reason. It’s not because he rakes in the big bucks or I’m trying to take advantage of him for our energy usage. It’s because he insists on messing with the thermostat day in and day out. I swear to God, by the time I wake up every morning he is already adjusted the thermostat several times. We have a eco-friendly heating and cooling program set on the smart thermostat for energy efficiency, so every time he engages the air conditioning unit or furnace outside of the defined settings he’s costing us money. I grew tired of squawbling about the stupid thermostat, so I decided to cut right to the chase. I told him he can continue abusing the air conditioning unit and furnace if he wants, but he’ll be paying the energy bill for the rest of our lives.



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At least there’s a fire pit – sleeping in hammocks

The best things in life are free, have you ever heard that? Personally, I truly believe that this is a great piece of advice.

If you can find a way to be grateful for whatever you’re giving and look on the bright side when it comes to your savings account, you’ll probably be a happier and more successful person in life.

At least, that’s why I do my best to always find the silver lining and every scenario. For instance, this past weekend wasn’t my ideal getaway, but at least we didn’t pay any money for it and I got to spend a lot of intimate time with my friends. We had been trying to make time to go out of town together for quite a while, but the cost of traveling and renting a place was an obstacle for everyone. My friend recommended that we stay at his uncle’s cabin for free and we obliged. He didn’t tell us that there was no modern heating or cooling equipment in the cabin before we arrived. Unfortunately, this was a major problem because the outdoor climate took a steep decline on our way towards the cabin. By the time we arrived, the uneven hot and cold temperatures outside had leveled out to simply be cold. Then, it started it down pouring. The air inside the cabin was stagnant and freezing cold. There was no gas for the fake fireplace, so we went on a search for some wood. Thank God, there was a fire pit in the backyard under a covered gazebo. That night, we slept in the closed gazebo in hammocks with the fire pit as our only source of warmth. It wasn’t what we anticipated, but it definitely was a fun and affordable trip.


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I’m staying with my sister right now

There has been a great deal of construction on the interstate for the past few months.

It seems like they are always adding more Lanes or making the whole Road wider.

When the construction Crews finish with one project, they are already beginning another. It seems like the roadway has been in shambles for 5 or 6 years. Last Monday, I was on my way home from work. I was minding my own business, listening to the radio. I wasn’t talking on the phone, texting, or playing a game. I was perfectly alert, watching the road. I didn’t have time to react when another car completely swerved into my lane. I’m not sure if the driver didn’t see my car or didn’t look, but the driver of the vehicle slammed right into the side of my Volkswagen. My left arm was shattered and the accident and it had to be pinned back together. My left leg wasn’t broken, but the injuries are extensive. I can’t walk right now and my apartment is on the third floor. There is no elevator in my building, and I have not been able to walk up and down the stairs. I’ve been staying at my sister’s place, which is a few miles away from my apartment. I don’t mind staying with my sister, because she has a nice quality HVAC unit. The HV AC unit in her house is much nicer than the one in my apartment. My sister also keeps the house a lot colder than my place, and that is great for relaxing and healing. I love using the air conditioner to freeze out the pain.

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Sending someone to check the HVAC sensors

When the new hospital was built last year, they decided to use the latest and greatest technology. The whole hospital is filled with an automated system. The lights, alarms, and HVAC components are all controlled by an automated system. It’s really nice most of the time, because the automated system saves time, energy, and money. We have a single control room with a bank of monitors. There are 12 monitors in total. Some of them are video screens for the alarm system. Some of the screens monitor the lighting system and some of the screens monitor the HVAC system. We have a certified HVAC technician on staff at all times. They watch all of the screens for problems and alert maintenance if an issue comes up. Last Saturday, the temperature sensors on the third floor went haywire. I received a call from the control room technician and I immediately contacted our HVAC provider. We have emergency services that promise service within an hour. They arrived in 46 minutes, and the temperature sensors were still malfunctioning. It was the weekend, so we ended up with a new guy on call. He didn’t know anything about the temperature sensors and he barely provided any information or service. We had to wait until Monday to get the problem fixed. It’s a good thing that the actual HVAC system wasn’t screwed up. The sensors were still relaying information that was correct, but our reporting program was not accurately recording the temperatures. If you ask me, everything worked much better before we added all of these gadgets and gizmos to the mix.

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Cleaning all of the air vents for my Mom

My Mom cell a few weeks ago and she has not been able to perform a lot of household chores.

  • She fell on her hip and really damaged the muscle and bone.

We are all thankful that the hip wasn’t broken, but my mom has to take it easy for 6 weeks. She can’t move too much, and she can’t perform regular household chores like cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming. I’ve been going over to the house once each week for the past six weeks. My sister and I take turns. I go on Tuesdays and my sister goes over on Friday. Both of us take turns cleaning the house, watching the dishes, and scrubbing the floors. When I was there last Tuesday, I decided to clean all of the air vents. My mom was complaining about the amount of dust in the air. When I saw the light shining through the window, I could see exactly what my mom meant. There was tons of dust flecks in the shimmering light. I decided to remove all of the air vent covers and clean them. A couple of them were really dirty and filled with dust. The one in the bathroom had a greasy film on the outside. I spent an hour removing, cleaning, and replacing all of the air vent covers. I know the whole house smelled cleaner when I was finished.My mom should feel better and see a huge Improvement in the indoor air quality now that we have gotten rid of all of the dusty air vent problems.


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Grabbing some lunch before a huge boiler repair job

My boss has been giving me a lot of big jobs lately and my days have been busier than ever.

I don’t mind working late and I certainly don’t mind all of the overtime hours.

I’m caught up on my bills and I’m starting to save money to buy a house. This past week was especially busy, because I was the only person in the shop that works on boiler repairs. There are two guys that normally work on these boiler repairs, but one of them was on vacation. Things aren’t normally busy, but we had a huge commercial installation jobs that took six of our best technicians out of rotation. I was stuck working on a lot of projects. I went out to help some new guys with an AC installation early in the morning, and I had a boiler repair scheduled for the afternoon. With three guys on the first AC insulation job, we finished rather quickly. I had an hour to kill before I was scheduled to arrive for the boiler repair. Instead of calling my boss to complete another job, I decided to sneak away and grab some lunch. I knew the boiler repair would take several hours, and I didn’t think I would have any time to get away later. It’s a good thing that I did grab some lunch because I didn’t finish with that repair job until almost 10:00 at night. Everything was closed by the time I finished with the job. I couldn’t even go to the grocery store, because they close early through the week.


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Great season clearance sale helps me get affordable HVAC equipment

I absolutely love a good sale.

Last weekend I went shopping for a new air conditioner and came home with a fantastic piece of HVAC equipment.

The hardware store posted a huge clearance sale for all of the models from last summer. The weekly flyer showed advertising prices of 40 and 50% off. I saw a few things that looked good, but the advertisement said while supplies lasted. I didn’t get paid until Friday, so I couldn’t get to the sale on till the weekend. I didn’t know if there would be any good pieces of machinery left. I was very pleased with the amount of items still on sale when I arrived. I looked through a few of the air conditioners and found that I could afford something bigger than my previous machine. The last air conditioner was only a 12,000 BTU machine. With the clearance prices and sales, I could afford to buy a 24000 BTU air conditioner. I had my eye on a really nice HAIER, and the LG model was nice too. The salesperson came over to help me with some facts and figures, and she told me that they had a model in the back that was a 24000 BTU air conditioner with heat. I didn’t hesitate for a moment. She led me to a bay door and wheeled out the HVAC unit. It wasn’t in the box, but it was still covered in plastic wrap. She said the box was severely damaged during shipping, and she could offer me a huge bargain. I saved almost a hundred dollars on the whole purchase.



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Electric fireplace for the corner or the wall

If you purchase a home that has a fireplace, you’re stuck with the location. If you purchase an electric fireplace, you can pick and choose where you want to place the item. I knew that I wanted to have a fireplace in my home. When I was a kid, we spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house. They had a fireplace in the den. My granddad and I watched a lot of different movies in that space. We always had a crackling fire in the fireplace and it remains one of the best memories of my childhood. When I thought about buying my own home, I knew that a fireplace was important. I did not realize there were a lot of options to solve that problem. I found out that electric fireplaces can be a great alternative to Wood. They are a lot easier to care for, because wood fireplaces require a lot of time, maintenance, and energy. Do you have to spend hours chopping wood and clean the ashes from the bottom of the fireplace. Once a year, the chimney should be cleaned of and grime. An electric fireplace can look and feel just like wood, without any of the problems that normally accompany a fireplace. My wife and I settled on a nice fireplace with wood shelves and a stone mantel. It looks real and adds a cozy warmth to our dwelling. Best of all, we chose exactly where the fireplace would sit in our home. My wife and I chose to put the fireplace in our bedroom, and it makes the room very romantic in the evening.

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