I don’t know if I can handle this Biology test, at least I have the A/C to keep me focused

Even if it’s not that bad, they will at least ground me from doing things that I enjoy like playing different video games or using my computer

One school subject that always annoyed me was biology. Learning about all the bones and muscles was okay I guess, but it was difficult to remember all those crazy terms. What kid has an easy time remembering what the Thyrohyoid membrane is and other crazy scientific names. Who comes up with these strange names anyway? All I knew, I just wanted to crank up my cooling system while studying for my Biology test. I figured with the way I was going, I was probably going to fail because my cranium was about to explode with all these strange names that I had to memorize. The thing is, I know there is no way I will remember most of these terms down the line. At least when I am studying, it is easier for me to focus when I play calming music and have the temperature control settings just right. If it weren’t for the proper temperature control settings with the climate control system, I think I would fail every single test no matter what subject it happened to be. I have to remain motivated though because I know that if I do fail or get bad grades, my parents would kill me. Even if it’s not that bad, they will at least ground me from doing things that I enjoy like playing different video games or using my computer. I don’t want that, so I have to learn all these crazy terms. I just wish they weren’t so difficult, they don’t even sound like english words half the time! I will just try my best, that’s all I can do.


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I think I was making my grandfather proud by working in the HVAC industry

He was telling me that the future was here with this HVAC system that didn’t even need ductwork.

My grandfather was always such a wise person. He seemed to know everything about everything. I can remember him telling me about the benefits of eating healthy and how healthy food would start to taste really good when you would eat it for awhile. He always explained the importance of vitamins as well and I would always take my vitamins because of him. He also was telling me how marvelous HVAC technology was and the technology was increasing at an incredible rate. He used to tell me that because of the major advances in HVAC technology, there was a lot of money to be made in the HVAC industry. That always stuck with me as he would show me how to do basic HVAC system maintenance. I learned about the importance of changing the air filters so the HVAC system would not get blocked up and everything. Before my grandfather died, he ended up getting a ductless mini-split HVAC installed in his home. He was telling me that the future was here with this HVAC system that didn’t even need ductwork. He was telling me all about how much energy he was saving because the air didn’t have to move through all that ductwork. He didn’t even have to worry about official ductwork cleaning any longer and he was very pleased. Because of my grandfather and how much he appreciated HVAC technology, I decided to go for my HVAC certification. I ended up working in the heating and cooling industry, and I thought I would definitely be making my grandfather proud.


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My father had a funny type of HVAC system “maintenance”

I always thought my dad was hilarious when he would talk about HVAC system maintenance.

When he would do his “maintenance” he would do some basic things like changing the air filter and all.

I thought that was so easy, anybody could do that. If the HVAC system was making some funny noises, he would go to the HVAC unit and hit it hard with a hammer or something similar to that. The crazy thing is, it would usually work and the noise would somehow go away. I don’t know how he was able to get things to work like that, but somehow it worked. There were times when banging the HVAC system would not work though and he actually would have to call for HVAC system maintenance. They would change out some parts and do whatever was needed and then the HVAC would be good for another few years with his own personal HVAC “maintenance”. He always told me the main thing with HVAC systems was just changing the air filter, and he appeared to be right. I don’t know anybody else who was able to save so much money not having to call up the HVAC company. A few bangs here and there with new air filters was all the HVAC system seemed to need. I’m not sure if that will work for me personally when I get my own house, but I think I might give it a shot. I figure as long as I stay on top of those air filter changes, I’ll be alright just like my father was.

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They need to focus more on real world skills in school like how to work on HVAC systems

While I think it’s great that we learn a lot of wonderful things in school, I feel as though there are many things that won’t really help us out.

I think our schools should focus on better preparing all the youngsters for successful careers in the real world.

While it is true that many are able to do this and be successful, there are so many who are not motivated and are not making it. Nobody should ever be left behind. I was never taught about all the obstacles I would have to go through in life. I wish people would have pushed me harder to attend college. Well, it was a few years back when I finally decided to go to a school that actually taught you real world skills. Most colleges, you have to take english classes, math classes and all the same things you basically had to go through with regular school. The thing is, they were not even teaching you anything new that you haven’t already learned. Where was the real world stuff they were supposed to learn about. Well I went to a trade school and they actually did teach me real world stuff that was extremely useful to me. I was going for my HVAC certification and I learned about all the new types of heating and cooling systems and the history of heating and cooling technology. These days I know everything I need to know about installing all types of HVAC systems. I am a pro at installing radiant heated floors and I recommend smart thermostats to everybody. Now I make the big money, but I had to figure things out on my own for the most part.

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The people were so thankful we had the HVAC system fixed

One of my favorite things to do is help people out.

I know that might sound lame to some people, but to me it’s not.

I love the way it makes me feel when somebody needs something, and I’m able to provide that thing that they need. One time, my buddy needed help changing out his alternator in his car. I took him to the auto parts store, we got the part, and I helped him change out the part with my tools. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and his car was working great after that. I also am big into volunteer work at the homeless shelter. It wasn’t long ago when they experienced an unfortunate situation though. Their HVAC system quit working. It was still the hot season so it was incredibly overheated in the whole shelter. People were absolutely miserable and all we had were some stationary fans to help people cool down. So I went around different neighborhoods telling people about the situation at the homeless shelter and asking for any type of donations. I was willing to accept anything to help these people out, cash, fans, portable A/C units, or anything they could donate. Most people were willing to give up some cash or even some food, that’s something that is always helpful. Eventually between myself and others, we were able to raise enough cash to have the HVAC system fixed. We also got a ton of nice items that were helpful for the people at the shelter. When we had the A/C system working again, people were so happy. Some people were even in tears because they were so thankful.



One of these days, I will be on my favorite show

One of my favorite TV shows happens to be “The Price is Right”. I have always loved guessing the prices of those items and I mostly am always right on the money. Sometimes I get frustrated with some of the games they play and the people just can’t get it right. I always know that if I was on the show, I would be killing it! There are some shows where I think it’s crazy because some people are able to win multiple cars and a ton of cash. I know that would be me if only I could get on the show. I have been applying to get on the show for the longest time, but I have never been chosen. Oh well, I know that one of these days I should be able to get my chance. In the meantime, I keep watching the shows. Some of those cars they give away are so fancy. I’ve seen the ones with the A/C seats and fancy climate control systems. Some are hybrids and get excellent gas mileage. Some cars are just straight up luxurious. It really is my dream to be on there and to just drive away in my new car. I would have the A/C cranked up along with my favorite music and take it all the way back home. They say if you want something bad enough, you can get that thing that you want so bad. This just so happens to be that thing that I want so bad, so I’m going to get it!


I was so lucky to win a window A/C unit when I really needed one

I guess I’m a pretty lucky person. It wasn’t too long ago when our A/C system quit working during an intense heat wave. That wasn’t the lucky part though. When I called the HVAC company, they said it would take about 4 days to get an HVAC worker to our household. That wasn’t the lucky part either. It was when I was feeling frustrated and was listening to this radio station. They were talking about the intense heatwave which wasn’t making me feel any better, but then they said that they were giving away free air conditioners every hour. All you had to do was be caller number 9 and tell them the last 5 songs that were played. So I listened to the music and I knew all the songs very well. I wrote all the songs that were played and when they were ready for the callers, I was caller number 9! I couldn’t believe my luck and I easily told them all the songs that were played. They congratulated me and said they would have my new A/C unit rush delivered right to my door, the same day! It was only a few hours later when they brought me my new window A/C unit. Sure, it was only a window A/C unit, but it was a very fancy and powerful one! I’m not lying when I say that this window A/C unit had my whole home feeling nice and cool within a few hours. Because of that fancy window A/C unit, I was able to get through the 4 days until the HVAC worker was able to arrive and fix my central cooling system.

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Ended up getting my son a real nice window A/C unit

The other day, my son came back home and he told me he found a $100 bill.

I was shocked at this and had to think about what to do.

I realized that whoever the owner of the $100 bill was probably long gone. Even if he came back looking for the money, it would have been likely that the $100 bill would have blown away with the wind. If you lose cash like that, there’s a good chance that you will never see it again. I wasn’t mad that he took the money as most people would have, but at least he came to me to tell me about it. I decided to tell him that we would get him something he wanted for about that price. He said that he always wanted to have a window A/C unit in his room. I was a little surprised at this. I asked him if it was overheated in his room and he said sometimes it was a little too hot yes. I thought about it and he always was using a stationary fan up there in his room. If I would have known that he was feeling overheated, I think I would have gotten him a portable A/C unit or window A/C unit a long time ago. So we went to the store and looked at all the nice window A/C units. They were a lot more expensive than I thought they would be. I could have sworn we got a really cheap window A/C unit back in the day, but I think we bought it used from a garage sale. Still, that old window A/C unit lasted a long time as I recall. So we ended up getting a window A/C unit for about $150, and I covered the excess cost. My son deserved it.

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I’m perfectly content just being an astronomer

When I was young, I always said I wanted to be an astronaut. My parents were nice about it then and said I could be whatever I wanted to be. Of course as I grew up and became an adult, I realized how impossible it would be for me to get into something like that. There are very few astronauts that actually get to go into space. Sure it is some kind of wonderful dream to be able to do that, but I had to be realistic with my life. Instead of trying to go through the hassle to become an astronaut, I instead got into astronomy. All the time I think about how wonderful it would be to be out there for real, but I am perfectly content observing amazing things in space from a distance. Not to mention I get to be nice and comfortable with the perfect temperature control settings in my environment. I think about how it would be in space though, they have to have incredibly powerful climate control systems and insulation to keep space stations and shuttles from burning up. I know they also have powerful venting systems to make sure they can release all the excess heat in a rush. I’m certain they have backup climate control systems as well in order to make sure the crew is safe in case they face a serious malfunction or breakdown with the climate control. Space is a beautiful place to explore and all, but it’s no good if you get fried to death because of an HVAC system breakdown. At least when I am observing the heavens with my powerful telescope, I know nothing like that will ever be a risk factor in my work.



Rooftop HVAC

Decided to use a portable HVAC machine on our hunting trips

When it’s feeling a tad bit chilly outside, we have our coats and all, but that heater component works great

I enjoy taking my son out occasionally to go hunting. I feel that every man should be able to become one with nature and to learn these survival skills that they may depend on one day. Whenever we hunt, what we kill is what we eat. We mainly just hunt deer, but occasionally we might get a rabbit or a squirrel. It’s great because it saves us money with grocery shopping and all. Not to mention, the meat from deer is so much better than what you can get at the store in my opinion. Lately, I have realized that sometimes my son feels uncomfortable on the hunts, especially if we are waiting for a long time for some young buck to show up. So I decided to invest in a portable HVAC machine. That’s right, this portable HVAC machine has both heating and cooling capabilities and it keeps us fairly comfortable. You just need to charge it before you use it and it will last about 6 hours on a full charge. This has been very convenient for us out there on the hunt. When it feels a bit too overheated, we can just put it on the cooling settings and it will easily make us feel more comfortable. When it’s feeling a tad bit chilly outside, we have our coats and all, but that heater component works great. The best thing of all is that it is very quiet, so we are not scaring off all the animals. That would defeat the whole purpose of using the HVAC machine.

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