Overuse of air conditioner and heater at grocery store makes for horrible experience

I really dislike taking care of the grocery shopping.

I put off the job for as long as possible.

I wait until we are running short of essentials such as toothpaste, toilet paper, bread and eggs before I make the trip. The nearest grocery store is about a half an hour’s drive away, so the process is very long and involved. I’ve found that no matter what time of year it is, the grocery store is always uncomfortable. It is currently the middle of July and the outside temperature is in the mid eighties. I dressed in shorts, tank top and sandals and drove to the grocery store with the air conditioner running. Walking from the car to the grocery store was a hot and sweaty experience. It was still preferable to the freezer-like conditions inside the store. The store’s air conditioner was blasting so hard that I immediately started to shiver. Although I knew what to expect and had brought along a jacket, I was still far too cold. I raced down the aisles as quickly as possible, simply grabbing items off the shelf. There was no escape from the many vents pouring out cold air. I ended up forgetting to buy toothpaste and buying the wrong brand of laundry detergent. I couldn’t wait to pay for my items and vacate the store. In the winter, the problem is the opposite. I need to bundle up in a heavy coat because of the cold weather. Inside the store, the heating system is pumping out such hot air that I peel off all of my outer layers and still sweat profusely.


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