I’ve been trying to repair my furnace before winter

The chilly weather is hastily approaching my area, however my furnace hasn’t been working well.

I only have a few more weeks before the icy temperatures come, as well as I have no other way to heat my condo.

I’ve always relied on this furnace, however, the furnace is getting old. It’s nearly 22 years old and has seen better days. When my furnace stopped working properly last winter, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional told me that it could be fixed, but it made more financial sense to be replaced. I wouldn’t have to worry about the constant breakdowns with a new furnace. However, I didn’t have the means to purchase a new furnace at that time, so I asked him what needed to be fixed on my furnace. The price that accompanied with the replacement was outrageous, so I took note of the piece that my furnace needed. I waited for a while, because I didn’t see the urgency of replacing the part on the furnace while it was still summer. I do now though. I’ve taken apart my furnace as well as done everything that I could, however my furnace won’t turn back on. I just can’t find clear directions on youtube about how to repair my recognizable furnace. However, I don’t have enough money to spend on a Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman to repair my furnace professionally. If I don’t figure out how to repair my furnace myself, my condo will be absolutely chilly this Winter. I can’t afford to do this. I have a baby on the way, as well as I have to be a good dad as well as keeping the baby warm with a working furnace!


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