My furnace hasn’t been working for a long time and it needs fixed

The freezing weather is coming quickly, and my gas furnace isn’t working.

I only have a few weeks left before the snow comes, and I have no other way to heat the house besides this gas furnace.

I have consistently relied on my gas furnace, but it’s old and the gas furnace is almost 20 years old. It’s reaching the end of its lifespan really abruptly. When my gas furnace stopped working efficiently last winter, the Heating and Air Conditioning technician told me that it could be temporarily fixed, but it would be better off substituted. I wouldn’t have to stress about constant breakdowns with a new gas furnace. However, I didn’t have the money to buy a new gas furnace at the time. I asked the technician what part needed to be fixed on the gas furnace and how much it would cost. The price I was given was outrageous, so I remembered the piece that he said it needed and I jotted it down once he left. I waited for a few months, because I didn’t see the necessity of replacing my gas furnace while we were in the summer months. However, I do now. I’ve taken apart my gas furnace and tried everything that I could, but my furnace still isn’t working efficiently. I can’t seem to find clear directions online on how to repair the specific gas furnace that I have. However, I didn’t have the cash to spend on a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to repair my gas furnace for me. If I don’t figure out how to repair the gas furnace soon, my house will be really icy this winter. I can’t afford to do this. I’m a mommy to be, and I have to be a good mommy and keep my baby warm and toasty with the furnace!

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