A very expensive error

It is so terrible to see your mom and dad getting older, however I still think of my Mom as a spry forty year old dude, however the truth is, he is not anymore! He is sixty eight years old, plus he is starting to show his age.

He has constantly been a super active person, plus he has constantly looked young for his age, so no a single ever believes myself and others when I tell them that he is in his seventies.

He stumbled down the stairs the other day, and it hurt his ego a bit. He refused to go to the hospital but I really believe that he broke his leg; Even though he can barely get around right now because of his falling incident, he still tried to get his cooling system from the attic plus install it in his dining room window. I was shocked that he even had a cooling system in his attic or else I would have brought it downstairs plus installed it for him, but of course, he did not ask for help but I think that he should have. I went over to his beach house yesterday afternoon to check on him, and I saw a cooling system in the front yard right outside the dining room window. I picked it up plus brought it inside, then there was a small piece shattered off of it, however it still worked. I asked my Mom what had happened, and he told me about getting it from the attic. I was so upset with him, but I did not want to show him that, so I just installed the cooling system and left. I decided that I am talking him to the hospital tomorrow whether he enjoys it or hates it.


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