Far too many HVAC issues

My family has been living in the exact same lake house since I was numerous years old! I cannot guess how long they have lived there. It has been over twenty-multiple years, they have had the same property owner the entire time also! She is by far one of the kindest and hardest toiling people you will ever meet. I totally understand why my parents never moved out of that apartment. They could not have discovered a better property owner if they had tried… Unluckily, I just got a short phone call from my Dad telling me that they will be moving to a state of the art lake house within the next couple of weeks. I was devastated when she told me that because that lake house was my childhood home! She said that they do not entirely have much of a choice. The lake house has had numerous HVAC issues, and their property owner just cannot afford to have everything worked on. She is going to put the lake house building up for sale rather than pay to have all of the HVAC systems replaced, and my parents offered to help pay to have the HVAC systems replaced, but they just could not afford as much as was important. My brother and dad are quite uneasy that they have to move, but they are undoubtedly understanding as well. My parents are looking for a up-to-date apartment, but they do not know that they will ever be able to find one quite as lovely as the one that they are leaving. I am trying to help them look, but it is more than tough to find any apartments in the area that are even half the size of the one that they are leaving. If all goes well, we will find one soon.

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