Using Your A/C All the Time Makes You Unable to Live Without it

When I tell people that I have no air conditioner in my residence, you should see the looks on their faces.

I built my residence in such a way that an air conditioner isn’t necessary because the cool breeze & natural location of the residence make my apartment cooler than other people’s houses.

However, even if I had the requirement for an air conditioner, I wouldn’t ever fork out the money for an air conditioner, not even a window air conditioner. In my opinion, air conditioners can become an addiction to people who never do without them. Have you ever met someone who is never without an air conditioner? If the temperature in their apartment fluctuates even a few degrees, they become truly frustrated! And if their air conditioners split down, you would actually think that they were going to go to their grave, & they would actually agree. This is why people spend so much of their income on window air conditioners & central air conditioners, & this is also why people pay HVAC specialists tons of money to service & maintain their air conditioners all the time. When you tell somebody that they don’t need an air conditioner to survive or even to be comfortable, they immediately react in one of more than one ways. Either they get a glazed look in their eyes because they can’t imagine not having an air conditioner, or they instantly get defensive about how vital air conditioners are. This, my dear friends, is why I absolutely will not own an air conditioner. I would rather “suffer” separate from an air conditioner than be unable to live without using an air conditioner.

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