Architectural Concerns Used to Revolve Around Staying Cool Naturally Rather than A/C

Being in those locations would decrease the temperature of your condo

Have you ever turned the air conditioner off in your residence? Almost instantly, your apartment begins to heat up and it seems as if you accidentally left your gas furnace on, and until you turn your air conditioner back on, you will remain truly uncomfortable in your boiling & stuffy house! It consistently made myself and others think about how people that lived before the invention of the air conditioner managed to live enjoy being in their houses during the day. How could anyone want to live in any southern locale without owning an air conditioner, especially if you lived in a boiling climate? The weirdest concept to myself and others was that when I learn anything from the documents that was written during those time periods, they seemed to care about themselves despite the fact that there was no such thing as an air conditioner. After doing some research, I began to discover that people built their houses differently back then in order to lessen the need for air conditioners. Back in those days, when they had no air conditioner, they built their houses according to nature. For instance, if you were to build your apartment in the trees or partially underground, then you could lessen your need for an air conditioner. Being in those locations would decrease the temperature of your condo. Only since the invention of the air conditioner came around, people start building their houses in the open as all of us do in this day and age. I also l gained that with typical apartment orientation & window placement, you could certainly supply a cool breeze for your apartment throughout the day, further eliminating your requirement for an air conditioner.

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