Keeping Three Blankets on the Bed is Necessary with Pregnant Wife

If you have a pregnant life partner, then you understand the taxing reality that your wifey is consistently hot, but and I am not just talking about how she looks only, but when it comes to the temperature of our house, she is unable to stand the heat, but before she was pregnant, she was the kind of person that thought every temperature was way too cold, she would complain when you engaged air conditioners or when you lowered the temperature on your gas furnace; It was kind of polite.

  • I am a smaller guy, & I also struggle with air conditioners & colder temperatures! Nevertheless, now that she is pregnant, she lives off of using the air conditioner.

Her pregnancy occurred near the end of winter, & she completely turned off the gas furnace, our apartment was, with no exaggeration, 50 degrees for the rest of the winter. Finally, Springtime came through, & she turned the air conditioner on. Our apartment is at a chilly 60 degrees due to the use of the air conditioner, & I cannot stand it. Because of the air conditioner, I literally go to bed with three blankets, & I try to snuggle as much as possible! This is also why I have a blanket close to me in our house. I labor from home, & when the air conditioner is running (it regularly is), I need a blanket to stay warm as I work. I am entirely happy for this pregnancy to be over. First, I am so excited to see our baby. But I also cannot wait to turn the air conditioner down a little bit & get to use the gas furnace again.

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