Ductless multi-split heat pump maintains temperature in winery

I work in a really great environment.

Compared to all my friends, I am so fortunate.

Most everyone I know reports to a traditional office buildings for work Monday thru Friday. They sit in small cubicles or share a space with a bunch of other workers. They talk on phones, type on computers and report directly to a boss. I have some of those issues in my work, but the environment is very different. I in a local winery. My office is situated in the back of the winery. The entire area is completely temperature controlled. The wine needs to be maintained at a cool temperature during fermentation. The building is well ventilated, clean and the air is actively filtered. I never worry about feeling overheated or breathing in air contaminants. I might complain that the space is a bit chilly in the winter. I know to bring a sweater. I don’t have to wonder if the heater will malfunction and we’ll be left without heat. The integrity of the wine is at stake so temperature control is a priority. No one sets the thermostat super low during the summer or cranks it up in the winter. The building is outfitted with a ductless multi-split heat pump. There is a single outdoor component that is linked to four separate indoor air handlers. Each air handler provides both heating and cooling and features an independent thermostat. The ductless system operates quietly and is super energy efficient. The heat pump simply draws ambient heat from the air and moves it either into or out of the building. The process is exceptionally safe and environmentally friendly.

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