Staying in shape is important

My friends and I love a lot of outdoor activities love surfing, hiking, kayaking, and swimming, and every weekend the people I was with and I try to love a physical activity that gets our minds motivated and our body exercising, when the weather is reallyboilingand humid, my friends and I drive an minute to the beach to go surfing or kayaking.

My Dad bought me a kayak for Christmas, and it’s made especially for the ocean water… I love getting out in the waves, summer is constantly my favorite time of the year, because there are so multiple activities that my friends and I get to enjoy.

It can be really difficult to find outdoor activities during the drastic Winter time season… Last winter, my friends and I decided it was time to join a fitness gym… There are many strange fitness gyms in our city, so it took some time to make the choice. Luckily, most arenas let us visit for free. My friends and I visited many strange types of fitness centers. The people I was with and I visited a CrossFit gym, a yoga studio, and a traditional weightlifting gym. Each 1 of the activities was fun and interesting, but my friends and I genuinely loved the atmosphere at the CrossFit gym… All of the instructors were enthusiastic and energetic. They genuinely seemed to love laboring as personal fitness trainers. The CrossFit gym was $10 more each week than the other more than one arenas, but my friends and I gained a discount because the people I was with and I joined at the same time. When the weather is seriously cold, the people I was with and I will have a comfortable arena to exercise. When the weather isboilingand sunny, the people I was with and I can still go to the CrossFit gym or spend our day on the water. I assume it was a good method to join a gym.


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