Cheap dates can still be romantic and sweet

Being a college student can be very tough, especially if you don’t have a lot of money.

  • I was went to college on a scholarship, and I worked a part-time job.

I barely made enough money to cover my food and toiletries. Dating was a real bummer, because I never had much money for flowers, movies, or expensive French restaurants. I remember a time when I took a girl to Tampa Bay, so we could watch the sunset. There is a beautiful view of the sunset from Tampa Bay, and one of my friends has access to a boat. The boat sits in the marina most of the time, unless the owner is going to use it for the weekend. My friend let me prepare a picnic lunch on the deck of the boat. The owners were away for the weekend. My friend made me clean up after I was done, but I didn’t mind at all. I spent $9 to get some cheap things like fruit, cheese, and chocolates. The smell of the salty Tampa Bay filled the air. The girl was really impressed with our date, even though I only spent a few dollars to impress her with the Tampa Bay surroundings. I’ll never forget that date, because it was the first with my current wife. We spent months dating for pennies and dollars. She still loves simple things like walks on the beach and picnics at sunset. We often go to Tampa Bay on our anniversary. We go to the same small cafe and watch the sunset over the water.

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