Custom bookshelves are a great present for my birthday

When I was a little girl, I loved to read and write.

My parents bought me tons of different books like mystery, fiction, biographies, and adventure. I had every one of the Doctor Seuss books in my collection, even the rare books that were hard to find. I had a large custom bookshelf in the corner of my room, and it was filled by the time I was ten. Still, I kept getting books for my birthday, Christmas, and all the holidays ion between those days. For my birthday one year, my parents had custom shelves built in my bedroom. They turned the entire wall into a custom bookshelf. They hired a team of contractors to work in the house. The whole job took a few days, and I slept in my brother’s room while they worked. There was dust all over my stuffed animals, bed, and television. I hated having to sleep in my brother’s room, but I was very excited to see the custom-built bookshelf. After the 4th day of construction, my parents let me enter the bedroom. The entire west wall of my bedroom was transformed into a beautiful oak bookshelf. The oak was stained in a light color, but you could still see all of the lines and knots. By the end of college, I didn’t have any more room on those shelves for a single book. When I got married, my Dad turned the room into a library. All of the items in the room are dedicated to learning and reading. My Dad even displays my spelling bee ribbons in the corner.


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