College gymnast sees benefits in personal training

I am a college gymnast and I want to be able to compete at a higher level.

When I am in school I work hardocre at the gym on my skills.

Once summer hits I am left to train on my own. There is a local tumbling center that I can work out at. The issue is that there is no one watching me and critiquing what I do. It is easy to form bad habits and develop new injuries. I have been loosely thinking about doing personal training a few days a week. I still would train and work on my skills, but I think going to a health and fitness center will help me even more. I believe the reason I develop injuries is that I am strong in certain areas but weak in others. There are parts of my body that my tumbling hardly uses. If I was strong all over, perhaps my muscles would get less fatigued and I would not hurt myself. Also, I know a personal trainer could give me exercises that would further help my skills. Everything I do is tumbling related. It would be nice every now and then to get balance drills that don’t have a gymnastic purpose. I would like to do cardio that is not a running tumbling trick. I want to do weight training with actual weights rather than hold myself up. I found a gym that I like and that has good equipment. I just need to get a personal trainer that is knowledgeable with my sport. I know there are sport fitness classes offered at the gym.

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