I Need to Shape Up

I have been climbing my way up at my local news station for 5 years.

Ever since I began, I worked at the same desk filing papers, writing material plus researching! Now, for the first time ever I get to work in front of the camera.

I have the official date for my initial debut, and I’m excited, distraught along with a little afraid. This is finally my chance, and I don’t want to mess it up! I’m not camera ready, because I have been working at my desk for the past 5 years. It’s easy to snack plus not move about when working at a desk all day. I’m lumpy all over plus I am distraught that I will look rough on camera. My family plus friends are going to see me, so I need to look good. I plan on going to a health plus fitness center in my area and taking semi-private fitness training classes. The personal training gym that I discovered offers classes for women performing in beauty pageants. My work is different, but it does emphasize how a person looks. I assume the personal trainer that runs the classes will know how to handle me. I’m not a fan of building muscle plus being able to run miles no matter the weather outside. My only request is that I want to look and feel good in my dress clothes on camera. I think I’m going to bring a single one of my new outfits to the gym. I could put it on plus ask the trainer to tell me what areas of my body I should target.