I can give you a ton of energy saving tips

I just graduated from HVAC training and one thing everyone keeps asking me about is if I have any energy saving tips.

I would say that my only energy saving tips are to save energy! I am kidding of course, I do have a few good tips on how to save energy on your HVAC bill.

The first and most important thing I would say is to get a smart thermostat if you can. I know some people are against the automated appliances, but it really is amazing to have a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can learn your patterns and save you money on your HVAC bill. You have no idea how many people are saving hundreds of dollars because of their smart thermostats. The next piece of advice I have for saving on your HVAC bill is to close your blinds. When you have your blinds open the sun makes it hard for your thermostat to stay low. The blinds open make it hard for your AC unit to compete with the heat and you end up running your HVAC bill up. It’s actually cheaper to just get a light or enjoy the darkness and save the wear and tear on your HVAC system. In the winter it doesn’t really matter, your HVAC system won’t have to work any harder if the sun is shining. The last tip I have is to pay attention to your HVAC bill and see what your neighbors are doing. Some HVAC bills will show you your cost versus your neighbors so you can know if you are using more or less energy. If you are using more energy, it might be time to redo your HVAC system.
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