The Need for Air Conditioning Increases at certain times

There are certain times in life when things change; Right now, 1 of our largest priorities is getting me safely through pregnancy… If you have never been pregnant, or lived with a pregnant person, you are absolutely unaware about how pregnancy changes a person.

All those hormones make a pregnant people much more emotional.

Also, they make them more hot! Never have I felt so blessed to have a/c than I am right now. If I did not have a/c, while in these 9 months, I know I would quite literally go crazy. I am constantly turning the temperature control setting a few degrees lower. I have noticed that our partner is walking around wearing his sweatshirt over his t-shirt! This is the only time in our life together when I have seen him cold. It seems that before I was carrying his child, I was typically the 1 who wanted the a/c to be set just a little warmer. That’s not the case right now! I know he is beginning to understand how challenging it can be when your fiance is constantly setting the temperature control to be colder than you would prefer. I have news for him though, I am also considering getting a little portable a/c device for the bedroom. It seems as if nighttimes are when I need the a/c the most. For some reason, I get night sweats, which is also absolutely related to the hormones. If you need to get more a/c going in your condo to get you through the rough times of pregnancy, just do it!

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