End up installing a ductless mini split to combat hot weather during pregnancy

When I got pregnant, everyone warned me that tons of things would bother me. From smells to the way things taste, I was told to expect all sorts of strange reactions. I was skeptical because the first six months, I was perfectly healthy and happy. Other than feeling a little extra tired at night, my pregnancy was a breeze. My husband and I live in the northeast. Our weather only provides a couple of months of especially hot and humid conditions. Once the summer weather arrived, I quickly realized that the heat and humidity were going to be really challenging for me. I couldn’t get comfortable. There was no way I could survive the whole summer without central air conditioning. I called a local HVAC contractor to see about the cost for installing central air conditioning. Our home is older and we don’t have conventional ductwork. We heat the house with a boiler, which doesn’t provide for cooling capacity. When the HVAC contractor showed up, he was very sympathetic to the situation. However, without investing a fortune, there was no way to add a whole home cooling system. I asked the HVAC contractor for suggestions. Getting by with box fans wasn’t an option. I didn’t like the idea of a portable air conditioner in the window. He suggested that we install a ductless air conditioner with an air handler mounted in the master bedroom. This type of system is easily installed and requires no big renovation to the home. The HVAC contractor had it up and running in a single day. I’m able to control the system from a cordless remote. I don’t even need to get out of bed. It’s very convenient, energy efficient and maintains a perfectly cool temperature. In the winter, the ductless mini split will provide some help with heating. It has been the ideal addition to the home.

Ductless heat pump