Air Conditioning at hotel isn’t working and leads to uncomfortable night

Vacation requires a lot of time researching and planning to make it worthwhile for all the people involved.

I am someone who is devoted to preparation. My boyfriend and I decided to take two weeks and drive south. We hoped to visit some family and see some cool sites. I had always wanted to swim in the ocean, but never had the chance. After checking all the reviews and researching travel destinations, I finally booked our hotels. My boyfriend and I packed up and were ready to head out. He and I were relieved to arrive at our first hotel after a long day of driving. The weather had become increasingly warm. The hotel appeared as nice as it had looked on the website. We got our room, got our things settled and I quickly turned the air conditioner to the highest setting. The room felt overheated and stuffy. By the time we got back from sightseeing, I assumed it would be cool and comfortable. We returned three hours later and the room was nowhere near as cool as I expected. It was downright hot. The air conditioner did not seem to be working at all. I called the front desk. Thinking it was the air conditioner in our room, I insisted that they move us to a new room. We gathered all our stuff, got settled again and finally fell asleep. Around three o’clock in the morning, it became obvious that the issue was not only with the Air Conditioning unit in the first room. The entire hotel had a problem. There was no air conditioning anywhere. The staff brought us a box fan, but this helped very little. We couldn’t even open the windows. We checked out of the hotel very early and headed to the next destination. We were fortunate that the next hotel was able to check us in early. We simply wanted access to a working air conditioner and a comfortable bed.

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