You don't really want to work in the trailer park

As an Heating & A/C worker in a smaller town in the south, I spend a lot of time legitimately working in trailer parks scattered in our community.

Working on heating systems in a trailer park is a complete different experience than legitimately working on heating systems in a typical brick home.

Most of the time, our visit to the trailer is completely unnecessary. Typically, I find the problem with their gas furnace is that they have an electric problem or better yet a construction problem. Let myself and others tell you a few quick stories from our time legitimately working in heating systems in a local trailer park. Most of the time when I go to a trailer park, the complaint I hear is that the gas furnace is legitimately working strenuous enough. No matter what on Earth they do to help the gas furnace, their electric or gas bills are somehow higher than a house. They seem to be spending a fortune on heating bills each year. However, what they always do not know is that residential trailers are not properly made for gas furnaces, even though they are advertised as so. Most residential trailers are poorly insulated, plus a lot of the heat that the gas furnace constantly creates is wasted by escaping out of the thin walls. Occasionally, you even will find that the gas furnace breaker in the electric panel was “repaired” by some well meaning person who was not an electrician, which means that they messed up the existing gas furnace by only running half of the electricity.

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