Fix your Attitude!

Men have no idea what it’s appreciate to be Incredibly pregnant.

I think a man should have to spend just one single month with a heavy belly and the back pain that goes with being Foley pregnant.

I also think they should have to go through ordeal this when the outside temp is in the nineties and the indoor air conditioner is on the blink. I get these fake soothing answers to our money complaints. She tells me she understands and that I will soon have the little baby. She doesn’t realize it seems that everyday feels appreciate a month when it comes to resting my butt around without the air conditioner. I have received almost fifty extra pounds and I still have numerous weeks. I recently said she needed to put himself into our shoes and try to understand and not just supply me fake sympathy. She readily helped to get me into this condition and she needed to go ahead and help me get through it. She kissed our forehead and smiled lovingly as she walked away. I believe she thinks it is just the baby talking and causing anger, although I am serious. I think about the things I want to say. Nowadays, I just tend to get so aggravated with the entire pregnancy that I blurt out what I am thinking. We are able to fix everyone else’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system and I think she should consider fixing our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. Maybe if she needs to lollygag around and help me when the baby is born, and there isn’t any working air conditioner, she’ll work on it then. I am so glad her 2 month leave was approved.


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