Simple Temperature Gun Improves HVAC Situation

My dad raised me to be a tool guy.

He wanted me to be the kind of man that could fix any sort of household or automotive problem.

Unfortunately, that just never took. I am just so not the handy person nor do I like tools and gadgets. I stick pretty much to just the electronic stuff like phones and computers. However, thanks to one of my handy neighbors, I was able to be far cozier through the winter months while saving on HVAC costs. One fall afternoon while we were enjoying a beer on my patio, I mentioned how I was dreading winter. Our home is heated my an HVAC furnace but, I never feel really warm. There seems to be a draft. I even called the HVAC company to check the HVAC to be sure that it was properly sized and operating as it should. The HVAC tech said my chill problem was not HVAC oriented. I was telling my neighbor about this when he jumped up and sauntered over to his garage. We waited til dark and the temp dropped to where the HVAC heat was running pretty steady. He brought out a temperature gun. All you had to do was point this thing and it would tell you the exact temperature of that surface. We started going around the entire house attempting to find where HVAC was leaking out or cold was seeping in. I was stunned to find that there were so many spots all around my house. We marked each one. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I was able to see or insulate all those areas. The results are astounding as the house is actually cozy. And, the savings on the utility bill have been awesome.

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