AC reduction

If you adore the sun, then you’ll love our area.

Our region gets far more of the giant orb than most of the rest of the nation.

It can easily change the way you live. It did mine. Plus, the weather here is just crazy most of the year. I say most of the year very emphatically. The summer time is just incredibly overheated. The kind of hot that makes most folks stay at home all day. I usually have to spend at least the peak hours of the summer time either in the water or inside in the HVAC component. But, in the end it’s worth it. I still prefer all the elements of the locale both of us live during the summer. I just have to change our spots. However, HVAC cooling during our summer time doesn’t come cheap. Some of the yearly checks have resembled a mortgage payment more than what it cost to cool a house. Again, it’s the sun. I started changing the way I did things a few years ago in order to mitigate the effects of direct sun heating the rooms in our home. For the most exposed windows, I put up some solar cling to block much of the sun. The rest of the home was covered by some automatic blinds that I had installed. They are great because they can be synced to a smart temperature control. The temperature control will then deploy them at the first sign the air is heating due to direct sun. It amazes me. I also started pushing up the HVAC device setting the hotter it gets outside. Just these numerous things allowed me to trim over 25 percent on our yearly utility bill.

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