We Are Here Forever With New HVAC Choice

These systems last more than 30 years

I am curious but not all that adventurous. One might call me predictable in fact. I have never lived anywhere other than where I was born and raised. My college years were spent just 20 minutes away from my HVAC treated home. While I have had the opportunity to travel and see other parts of the country, I just never wanted to be anywhere else but right here. The company I work for also employed my father. He taught me the passion for my career and I feel so fortunate to be doing something that I love. Getting to do it in my home town is even more of a bonus. To complete the picture, I even married a girl from the area. I suppose it would be more romantic had she been my high school sweetheart. Alas, we went to rival schools and didn’t even know each other. My wife and I are now choosing to further sink our roots here with the choice we made for our HVAC. We recently built our first home once the kids were out on their own. The HVAC choice was actually an easy one to make. We chose the geothermal HVAC system for our little home. While it was a bit more expensive up front, the savings will be ongoing for the rest of our lives. The geothermal is super efficient because it uses the near constant temperature of the earth to draw heating and cooling energy. These systems last more than 30 years. So, we will be enjoying those savings for a very, very long time.

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